Kagimu Deo Director.
Deo is a professional artist and holds a Bachelors degree in industrial art and design (Kampala University). Deo was born and raised up in the project area. Deo has a compassion for children and he took part as a project member because he too under went the same conditions as the children in this project (He thanks star cross community in California). Currently Deo is the project implementer and he oversees different activities carried out by Good Hope Initiative. Deo will be communicating to you and is responsible for organizing your trip to Uganda


Emma is our coordinator in England, she has been staying at GHI several times whenever she is in Uganda, she has done a lot in the organization, she is marred to Dan who is also a good fun to children in GHI, great thanks to this couple


Nsamba Gerald.
Mr. Gerald is one of the committee members and helps out with work in the project area.


Kibirige Joseph. 
Mr. Joseph is one of the elders in the project area and he is one of Good Hope Initiative project directors. He is well versed with different activities in the area and is a one of our highly respected advisors


Nayiga Alice. 
Ms. Nayiga is aka madam Alice is one of our committee members. She has been very influential in the upbringing of the little ones by giving them parental and motherly love These work together for the childrens' care at the project area. When you are in Uganda you will be working with them.


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