Uganda is a landlocked country in central Africa, is known as “the Pearl of Africa,” aptly named by Britain’s World War II prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill, during his visit to the country. Attracted to the magnificent landscape, wildlife, and friendly culture, the beauty of it all could only be described as “a pearl.” Uganda, boasting some of the best scenery in Africa, is composed of swamps, lakes, rivers, mountains and semi-arid lands. It is home to Lake Victoria, the world’s biggest lake and is also the source of the Nile River.

The Way of Life

About eighty percent of all Ugandans work in agriculture. Among the crops they cultivate nationally are cotton, corn, tea, and coffee, though most farmers work at the subsistence level, struggling to grow enough to feed their families. They rarely have surplus food to sell for income that can provide other necessities like clothing and health care.

Typical Ugandans live in villages made up of small houses sometimes smaller than a garage. The houses in very rural parts of the country are made of mud with thatched-grass roofs, though there are now an increasing number of houses with corrugated iron roofs.

Uganda has an extended family system where other relatives and distant relations may sometimes live in the same house. It is not uncommon for small huts to house up to twelve or more people. There is a very strong sense of community in Uganda and raising children is seen as every one’s responsibility, it is not just left to the parents. The extended family system in Uganda is very strong.


Polygamy is still common in Uganda where one man can marry more than one wife and as a result some families have very many children.

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