Build the capacity of orphans and vulnerable children to respond to their needs through psychosocial support, income generating activities, vocational skills training, life skills, leadership and character development training. Provision of skills in masonry, carpentry, tailoring, knitting and crafts production. To become familiar with written literature regarding children and adjustment to the healthcare setting. Request for funds to support the less fortunate children and families caught up in crisis in the area. To promote economic empowerment of the children by promotion of :-

    • Bee-keeping, honey processing and mushroom growing.
    • Promotion of poultry farming and animal husbanding.
    • Horticulture and provision of improved seeds.
    • Sustainable organic farming.


To gain an understanding of the effects of stress and trauma on children and adolescents' behaviour and development To support provision of Health care services to the children in the areas of :-

    • HIV/ AIDS prevention, support and care.
    • Promotion of nutrition and food security and primary health.
    • Improved access to safe water and sanitation.
    • Malaria prevention and treatment.


To become familiar with written literature regarding children and adjustment to the healthcare setting.

To promote and support vulnerable families and in particular focus on needs of orphans and helpless children; widows and destitute women in the area.
To promote and support initiatives for alleviating the plight of the Senior citizens (elderly).
To recognize and implement the theories related to child development and to become familiar with the Child Life profession.

To promote awareness among the subjugated on self-reliance and self-respect, prayer meetings, organize camps, seminars and workshops.
Provide orphans and defenceless children in Uganda with care, support and advocacy also destitute Children's to work in close tandem with Government and other like minded organizations/associations to benefit from and utilize their methodological and financial support.

Provide sponsorships / scholarships to orphans and vulnerable children of the area.
To obtain, collect, receive and raise money and funds by way of contributions, donations, grants, affiliation fees and subscriptions and any lawful method or means of local resource development and to accept and receive gifts of property of any local body or bodies with similar objective.
To assist designated children individuals, and the community by making health and HIV/AIDS care and counselling services easily accessible.

To establish strategic alliances and networks with similar agencies worldwide.

To provide, furnish, endow and fit out with all necessary logistics such as vehicles , and over means of transport of locomotion, necessary furniture and equipment for office or otherwise and to maintain and manage such vehicles , equipment , buildings and premises as may from time to time to be required for the purpose for the organization.

To look in all possible ways that all disadvantaged children/orphans in the Community enjoys education. Mobilize resources to support orphans, elderly and other disadvantaged ones of the community. Mobilized the community to participate in programmes which promote home hygiene, water and sanitation Promote basic primary Health through sanitation and HIV/AID awareness and counselling.

Mobilize resources locally and internationally to support programme and activities of Good Hope Initiative. To promote Destitute Children's for self employment among youth through vocational training and package to start their own life.

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