Project needs 

Every support makes a difference! Urgent needs 

  • Primary School $35/term
  • Exercise books $7.00 per student per term
  • School Shoes $10
  • School socks $1
  • 1 Teacher’s salary for a month: $100
  • 1 Teacher’s salary for a trimester: $300


  • Solar Panel $600
  • Bag of cement $15
  • Water Tank $850
  • Teacher's books $6.00 each
  • Water Filter $70

Long term needs 
A start-up kit to enable a vocational school student to embark on a future with their own sewing machine to create an income and to sustain themselves costs $200.

The project is in the process of being expanded. A new children and volunteer's house is to be constructed. Before long, other full time volunteers will be needed to tend to these children. 

A 14-passenger van for local transportation and to take HIV/AIDS patients to the trading centre of Myanzi for medical care is urgently needed. (cost $8,000). 

The water supply for the entire village consists of one spring well. Children walk for miles to carry the water. A second well has been found to be contaminated. A need for borehole has been identified to adequately provide water for the community. (cost $2,225)and 2 water tanks ($ 824). 

The costs for administration and operation of Bringing Hope To The Family are estimated to amount to $1,000 per month to be able to maintain current facilities, services, feed the children, purchase medications, and other miscellaneous. 

Books and all other kinds of educational materials are needed. 

A set of bedding which includes a mattress, a blanket and sheets costs $50. In many places the orphans share beds and do not have adequate bedding. 

Mosquito nets we need to buy tread mosquito nets to avoid malaria fever ($30).

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