Salvation Community School (SACOS) is a Nursery/Primary school situated in the trees of Kisweera village, Myanzi Sub County, Mubende district, Uganda, East Africa. It was started in 2012, to create a chance for orphans in Uganda and disadvantaged children in deep villages to acquire education. Since that time the school has been a solution to many children and guardians. 

The classes currently are in temporally buildings as we look for materials to construct strong structures for the long-term future of the school Director’s Message (Kagimu Deo).

On behalf of the school management committee, staff and Pupils, I wish to introduce to you our school that founded it’s a community based school.  Education is vital for a bright Uganda, and it’s the foundation, future for developing the nation.


We work to produce excellent in everything as well as developing confident, mature individuals who can respect others.

Salvation community school is a good Christian school in Uganda so we operate with Christian principles and values. Each child is respected and appreciated, regardless of age, sex, ethnic background or religion. The school welcomes children of all communities and faiths.


The school has a dedicated staff, well qualified and ready to learn more.

The Director, head teacher, staff and volunteers of the school are work tirelessly with the pupils, guardians and the local community to ensure that the school provides an ‘excellent’ education for its pupils. We are all committed to ensuring that the culture and the traditional values of the school are continued and improved upon in order to prepare our pupils to be citizens of the future and to have a love of learning.


The School Curriculum

We wish to provide an education suitable to each child’s needs enabling them to reach their full potential in a welcoming, caring and happy atmosphere.

We are constantly aware of children’s varying abilities and interests, and prepare work accordingly. Boys and girls are given equal opportunities in all curriculum areas.

We want children to enjoy their learning in such a way that we encourage their independence, confidence to develop new skills, question and investigate and hence discover. In order to create a peaceful learning environment, children are taught to have respect and understanding for one another.

The curriculum and the yearly examinations are determined and controlled by the Ugandan Education Board. .  Sports, games, introduction to computers, dance and singing classes emphasizing their culture and sewing instruction are a part of our school week.

Encouraging volunteers in Uganda and visitors to the schools opens up opportunities for sharing especially as so many have not been beyond their town or village. 

For the children of Uganda, their education is the one thing, maybe the only thing that can never be taken away from them.  For the children of Uganda, it is the gift of HOPE.

SACOS provides a unique warm and exciting environment that motivates and empowers the learners to love and appreciate their studies.

SACOS specially developed plan meant to impart key life skills to all learners, alongside the main academic program

A deliberate agenda for broadening the scope of knowledge and awareness of every child with a view to help them grow as GLOBAL Citizens. The school therefore is looking forward to develop various projects to implement it jointly with partner schools from other continents. A wealth of knowledge and experiences are shared continuously leading to a better cross-cultural understanding and appreciation from our children and children from other continents.

SACOS provides a holistic Curriculum to cater for the learners’ proper growth and development needs.

Since its inception in 2012, the school has registered remarkable growth and development in terms of population. The school now has semi-autonomous Nursery Section with a spacious environment for the pupils various activities.


School Mission Statement  

The first steps on an educational journey where children are valued and enabled to achieve their full potential, in a happy and safe environment.


Our School Aims For All Are:-

        Create a secure, caring and supportive atmosphere where learning is stimulating and enjoyable.

    • Inspire lifelong learning.
    • Strive to be the best we can be.
    • Promote high standards of behavior.
    • Ensure equal opportunities
    • Encourage a mutual respect for others.
    • Offer a rich and balanced curriculum that will inspire and motivate all to reach their full potential.
    • Encourage self-confidence and independence
    • Recognize and celebrate individual talents and achievements throughout the school.
    • Nurture strong relationships between our school and our partners, and the wider community.


Co-curricular Activities

SACOS encourages co-curricular activities as part of its curriculum. It has participated in a number of sports competitions over the years and has won trophies Location

The school is situated in Kisweera village, Myanzi Sub County, Mubende district, Uganda, East Africa.



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To raise children from nothing to something

School motto

Education is wealth


The school’s performance keeps improving every year.

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