Each child is attached to a club, under supervision of a particular teacher. We have clubs such as M.D.D, Mathematics, Debate, and Environment, to mention but a few.

It has won several trophies in co-curricular, e.g., girls football, football, netball, among others.

Children are exposed to life skills, such as AIDS/HIV awareness.

We have partners from a local church who come and talk to children.



        Lack of a computer library

        Insufficient text books

        Insufficient sports equipment.

        Way forward

        We look forward to partnering with other schools locally or internationally and any well-wisher in academic and co-curricular advancement of the school


Sports Department ACHIVEMENTS

There has been a great improvement in team work among stake holders Fitness levels among our pupils has improved



        Lack of enough sports equipment

        Lack of refresher courses for coaches and referees

        Lack of sports uniforms

        Lack of enough funds


Games played:





        Tag rugby

        Bicycle racing

        Social Studies Department


Academic performance of the children has improved However, there are challenges which need to be focused on:


        The school does not have a weather station

        The pupils and teachers’ text books are not enough

        Educational tours are expensive to carryout and, therefore, need more funding.

        The department lacks the world maps.

        Science Department



  • Children have improved upon their personal hygiene
  • The community has benefited through the science department as far as primary health care is concerned.
  • Teaching/learning aids have been made.



        Better  science equipment are lacking

        Text books are not enough for the children

        The department lacks computers for scientific teaching/learning


Way forward

        Better science equipment should be made available for the departments

        Enough text books should be available

        Computers should be bought

        The school also monitors the health and well-being of the children by having in place a visiting doctor and a resident Nurse.


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