Nursery section

They learn to read, write, add and recognize numbers or letters. Creative activities such as dance, dressing up, drama, and home play etc. all help develop vocabulary, imagination and self-expression. Guardians are amazed at how quickly the children develop. All lessons are taught in English/Luganda and even beginners learn quickly through the use of flash cards, pictures, posters and class resources.



The children in Uganda are vibrant and confident as we provide quality education and care by the experienced, dedicated and qualified teachers we have.


The staff is linked with focused administrators and Directors who together strive for excellence in providing quality education in Uganda.


Learning Framework.

Our school aims at promoting early childhood development. Learning is based on five major learning areas that are designed with structured activities.


1. Relating with others in acceptable way with activity that helps the child in her/his understanding of people around his/her relationship with them.


2. Interacting with, exploring, knowing and using the environment with activities that help the child to appreciate and care for his/her environment.


3. Taking care of self for proper growth and development with activities that


4. Developing and using mathematical concepts is day to day experiences with activities that help the child with number concepts and basic mathematical skills.



5. .Developing and using language appropriately with activities that improve the child’s spoken language and readiness for reading, writing and comprehension.

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