We have excellent experienced and well qualified teachers in Uganda . They take great care of each child’s development both in academics and in character building. Staff work, pray and learn together in order to provide the best environment for the pupils.


Primary Section Students 

The Uganda National Curriculum is followed each term and examination papers are taken twice a term. The majority of our children achieve a Division result and those that don’t are supported and helped to improve. Each class has good quality text books and resources for practical lessons.

The school site is a pleasant safe environment with specific play areas for Nursery and Primary pupils.. Children’s work is displayed creatively by hard working teachers.



Each child in school is in a ‘Group’ which encourages motivation and competitiveness, and they receive awards for effort, achievement or good attitudes.


Primary subjects





        social studies

        Art and Craft


        Physical Education (PE)

        Religion Education (RE)


The Pupils

Pupils we have are orphans in Uganda , others  come  from disadvantaged families  from the local community  We are working on  a sponsorship programme, which will  enables children to benefit from a SACOS education, See sponsorship page for more details.


All classes are taught in English once they pass into P3 class. Yes, there is some translation and native language in the classes but they realize that to get ahead they have to use a world language.  Put yourself in this picture – 



just imagine you are learning all your subjects in a foreign language!


Students show the joy of sharing.


The school does not discriminate on admission. It admits children from all religious and ethnic affiliations.

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